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Terms and Conditions

Admission requirements

Entry Requirements
Our courses are designed for highly educated people. Having a higher education degree or being a student at a university is an absolute must. Please take also into account that our courses are not suitable for slow learners.

Language requirements
You must speak English if you want to be admitted to our A1 and A2 courses. Participation in our courses requires knowledge of the English language. At the beginner’s levels (A1 and A2), there must be a language of instruction. The language of instruction is English. You need to speak/understand English at least at A2 level.

If you book our course but you do not speak English well, we will cancel your booking. We will charge our administration fee (25 euro) and refund the rest of your payment.

Please take note: If provide us with wrong information about your level of Engels and during the first lesson it appears that you do not speak English well, your admission will be directly canceled. You will not be allowed to participate in the course anymore. You will not receive any refund.

Dutch Placement Test
Students who intend to enroll in a Dutch course at Dutch Academy Maastricht, and who have previously studied the Dutch language elsewhere, must first complete the Dutch Placement Test. Those students who have never studied the language before, must first complete the Placement Test for New Students.

Student account
You need a student account for e-learning and homework. Your account will be automatically generated after your booking. Please use the same email address for every booking and use it for your student account (Student Dashboard).

Do you have a partner? Please book your courses separately from each other. You and your partner need to use their own email addresses and have different accounts with us. Otherwise, you will not be able to take our tests and receive your Dutch certificate.

Applicability Terms and Conditions & Licence

These Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements between Dutch Academy Maastricht and consumers that concern educational services, whether formal education or informal instruction and to all agreements that exclusively concern the purchase of teaching materials.

By becoming a student of Dutch Academy Maastricht or subscribing to Dutch Academy Maastricht Online Learning or using the information, tools, features and functionality located on www.DutchAcademyMaastricht.nl and in the book Simpel Nederlands (the “Service”), you are entering into a binding contract with Dutch Academy Maastricht.

Your agreement with us includes these Terms and our Privacy Policy (the “Agreement”) and represents the entire contract between you and Dutch Academy Maastricht.

If you do not agree with these Terms, please do not use the Service.


You can cancel your registration up to two weeks before the beginning of your course free of charge. Cancellations are accepted in written form (email) only. Failure to cancel in time results in full fees being charged.

  1. Students commit themselves to the course for the duration.
  2. If the student, for any reason, can not attend the lesson, this student must notify Dutch Academy Maastricht 24 hours before the start of that lesson.
  3. Dutch Academy Maastricht is not liable for damages incurred by students in any form.
  4. Dutch Academy Maastricht provides an orderly learning environment. Students will be held liable for any damages caused.
  5. Barring circumstances beyond Dutch Academy Maastricht’s control, a replacement teacher will be found in case of absence.
Payment & Course fees
  1. Dutch Academy Maastricht offers open admission for all Dutch courses to all students and non-students. We do not make seat reservations. It is a first-come-first-serve principle.  We recommend that you reserve your seat in our course as early as possible by paying a course fee.
  2. Private course fees must be paid 24 hours prior to the start time of the course.
  3. Skype course fees must be paid 24 hours prior to the start time of the course.
  4. Dutch Academy Maastricht reserves the right to increase course fees.
Registration & Start course
  1. You have to speak English well and pass our Placement Test in order to be admitted to our Dutch course.
  2. Registration only happens after the receipt of the completed and signed registration form. Through registering you agree to the registration conditions.
  3. Students will be registered in the order their registration forms are received.
  4. Fully booked course means that all 12 spots in this course are already taken. You can not enrol in this course. You can enroll in our next course >
  5. Group lessons can only be offered if there is a minimum number of 8 students. Should a course have to be cancelled or rescheduled, we will inform you at least three working days in advance. You will not be charged.